Oregon Green Schools

Saving resources, one school at a time

Annual Green School Summit

Friday, April 20, 2018

East Hill Church, 701 N Main Ave, Gresham, OR 97030



The Summit is an opportunity for students from across the state to convene for a day of celebration, learning and networking. At the summit, we strive to celebrate the accomplishments of each school and to provide opportunities to strengthen programs.

Students will attend interactive sessions to enhance their understanding of resource conservation, community engagement and have the opportunity to share their green team activities and learn from other schools.

Schools with active Oregon Green Schools certification are invited to bring 4 students and 1 chaperon.

Join Oregon Green Schools today!

Do you know that the Oregon Green Schools has been inspiring and helping students take action to conserve resources in their schools for over 20 years? The OGS certification process recognizes school efforts of engaging students through activities that advance their understanding and ownership of sustainability and the actions they take. It is imperative that students learn direct action to take for a sustainable future and to see how their actions pay off in terms of resource conservation and financial savings.

By becoming part of the Oregon Green School Association you can give students the tools they need to be leaders and innovators and help inspire them to make lasting change in their schools communities and world.

At schools across Oregon, students, teachers and staff are making a difference in their communities with programs to recycle, reduce waste, save energy, and conserve water. Oregon Green Schools helps with:

  • Hands-on assistance
  • Curriculum and funding resources
  • Recognition and events

Whether your resource conservation program is just beginning or already established, we can help you put your school on the map. Find out how to get started. Contact the Green School Regional Coordinator in your area for assistance.


Why Become an Oregon Green School?

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