Oregon Green Schools

Saving resources, one school at a time


About the Summit

The annual Oregon Green School Summit is one of the highlights of our program. Each year, students and staff from certified Green Schools and Green Schools Coordinators gather for a full day of celebration, learning and networking.

Each Green School is invited to send a team of students and one adult to participate in the Summit at no charge. The event is a fun, enriching opportunity to celebrate successes, gain new skills, generate enthusiasm, and share ideas with peers from across Oregon. The location of the Summit changes from year to year.

Inspiring, hands-on fun

Summit activities include motivational opening and closing assemblies, interactive grade-specific sessions and a fun, waste-wise lunch break.

The day also includes a showcase of Green School programs in the exhibit hall. Each school brings a display to demonstrate the achievements of its resource efficiency program or showcase a specific topic.

The Summit is a powerful opportunity for students to see how their efforts are magnified by the efforts of students at other schools. By the end of the day, everyone returns home with a broader sense of community and renewed enthusiasm.