Jamie Repasky

Jamie is motivated to empower youth to see the wonder in all areas of science and sustainability. Originally from the Midwest, she attended the University of Miami to study marine biology, travelled abroad for a year in Australia studying kangaroo immunology, and then returned to the United States and completed a Ph.D. in human immunology at Yale University. Jamie has worked at American Museum of Natural History in New York City as a Science Content Specialist and at two elementary schools in Portland as a Science Enrichment Educator, STEAM Coordinator, and student Green Team facilitator.

Currently Jamie is part of Metro Regional Government’s Waste Management and Environmental Services team and is a School-based Youth Education Coordinator focusing on elementary outreach. Jamie loves thinking about how sustainability curriculum can be adjusted to make it more inclusive to all students in the region. She encourages youth to speak up about environmental problems that they see in their community and challenges them to work together to come up with eco-actions.