Breck Foster

Breck is an advocate for equipping and empowering students to be change agents to work individually and collectively toward a more equitable and sustainable world. As a secondary school educator for over 18 years, she has come to see schools as critical stakeholders in this mission. She envisions all schools providing sustainability literacy across disciplines and rich opportunities for inquiry-based, hands-on learning. The Oregon Green Schools action pathways framework and network of mentors and leaders can provide scaffolded support.  Towards these goals, Breck embeds sustainability topics and themes in her social studies and Spanish classes at Lake Oswego High School. She works toward common goals alongside her student leaders in groups she advises–Green Team, MUN and Asian American Student Union–and community partners like the Lake Oswego Sustainability Network and Oswego Lake Watershed Council.

Breck grew up in southern California and was influenced by family and teachers who valued and modeled open-mindedness, curiosity and generosity.  In high school she participated in an AFS Homestay program in Turkey. At UC Berkeley she pursued an interdisciplinary education and got her BA in Development Studies and studied her junior year in Quito, Ecuador.  After a short time working at Head Start in San Francisco and the YWCA in Los Angeles, she got her teaching certificate at Cal State Northridge and her Masters in Education and Administration at UCLA. Besides the last 11 years at LOHS, she has also taught in Los Angeles and Tigard.  In her down time, Breck enjoys playing on her rec soccer team, cooking and hanging out with her husband, two teenage kids and dog.