Your Green Team Tips

 Guy Lee LunchLast month we asked you to give us feedback on what keeps your students and school communities engaged and motivated in sustainability. We’ve heard back from some of you and are loving the unique programs practiced within Oregon schools. Please continue to send your green team tips our way!


This month we’d like to share a student recognition program we received from Bradley Barnhart of Guy Lee Elementary in Springfield.

Green Student of the Week

Teachers select a student who has demonstrated ‘Green’ effort in/out of the classroom.  These students might have done one of the following or more:

  •  Helped empty the recycle bin on Wed/Fri mornings
  •  Turned-off the lights as the last to leave the room
  •  Picked-up paper off the floor to recycle
  •  Conserved water at the sink or used one paper towel to dry their hands
  •  Maybe just being mindful of & encouraging ‘Green’ efforts of classmates

In an effort to honor these ‘Green Students’, those selected have the opportunity to be at the front of the line at lunch &eat their lunch on special ‘Green’ confetti trays (those with “hot” lunch) oruse a special Go Green Lunch box for the week (those with “cold” lunch) from home.

An instruction booklet accompanies each of the (5) lunchboxes so parents will know care instructions, benefits & ideas of these zero waste lunch sets. These are not to keep & must be returned to Mr. Barnhart at the end of the week.

Keep up the great work Mr. Barnhart and Guy Lee Elementary!