Welcome to the Better Burger Challenge!

Article and Infographic provided by Friends of the Earth.

Turning Green and Friends of the Earth have recently launched the Better Burger Challenge—a new initiative that aims to transform the iconic resource-intensive American hamburger into a force for better health, environmental sustainability, animal welfare and opportunity for independent family farmers and ranchers.

Our goal is to grow the market for better, grass-fed and organic beef by educating and working with our members, student activists, and allies to make a grass-fed better burger. We are asking chefs, restaurants and institutions—to make and serve better burgers between Earth Week and the Fourth of July–and beyond.

A better beef burger replaces at least 30 percent of a typical grain-fed beef burger with mushrooms, legumes or vegetables (ideally USDA Organic). With the money saved from less meat, chefs and individuals can buy better quality domestic grass-fed or organic beef that comes from animals raised humanely on pasture using regenerative practices, and without antibiotics, hormones or GMO feed. We are also promoting a better veggie burger made with certified organic veggies, legumes and grains.

Factory farmed meat is a huge source of global greenhouse emissions and the source of myriad public health issues. The better burgers exemplifies the collective transition we must make to less & better meat consumption.

We are seeking advocates, allies and institutional partners to support and scale this initiative. Join the challenge now, sign up, make a better burger at your school and help make a healthier world for the next generation.

Visit: betterburgerchallenge.org or contact Julian Kraus-Polk: jkraus-polk@foe.org