Vose Elementary, Beaverton

Green 2006

Merit 2009

Premier 5/17/12 – 5/17/2015

Vose has been on the path to Premier level since 2006, when we became an Entry-level school.  We achieved Merit in 2009 and is now the first elementary school in our district to achieve Premier, despite having a very old building.  We have been diligently working to maintain a green climate throughout our community.  Through announcements, assemblies, staff meetings, and email reminders we strive to continually communicate how to be green at school and beyond.  Here are some highlights:

  • At the beginning of every year, we celebrate being Green at a staff meeting by handing out Extra Extra containers and Flip Over Paper boxes to new staff.  Even though there is a separate Green Team of students and teachers who meet as individual groups, we tell everyone that they are part of the Green Team!
  • We were presented with an Energy Star Award this year and staff and students renewed the Energy Pledge.  A student-created chant called “Be Green” was practiced and performed by all.
  • This year, on her own initiative, a 5th grade student presented an Earth Day Power Point inciting students to celebrate our earth and conserve resources.
  • We try to dim the lights whenever possible, especially on Mondays, which we now call “Dim Mondays.”
  • Students have created signs to post in classrooms as a reminder to turn off the lights when leaving a room and to use fewer towels.  On “One Towel Tuesdays” we strive to be particularly mindful about paper towel waste.
  • As part of our Clean Green Cafeteria efforts at lunch, students continue to volunteer to wipe tables, pick up trash, and monitor the garbage/recycling bins in the cafeteria.
  • Classrooms and the copy room have Flip-Over paper boxes so both sides of a sheet of paper can be used before it is recycled.  This has become part of our school culture and vocabulary for the past six years.
  • Every classroom has an Extra-Extra yogurt container to hold stray pencils, pens, paper clips, etc.
  • Food scraps are consistently collected in a bin in the staff room.  Student monitors collect and compost these, plus cafeteria salad bar waste, in our 3-tiered compost bin and our new spinning compost bins. 
  • “Take what you’ll eat, eat what you take” signs and skits have been posted/presented to increase the awareness of portion control and not wasting.  This includes food at the salad bar and cutlery, napkins, straws, etc.
  • A weekly Green Tip is emailed to staff.  Examples of tips are: “sticky notes can be recycled” and “please put all freezer boxes in the trash.”  Whenever possible, a picture/illustration is included in the email message.
  • All of our toner cartridges are recycled through D and D Recycling.
  • We have consistently participated in the Far West Fibers recycling rewards program.
  • In the staff room we collect used batteries.  Our custodian recycles them along with fluorescent lights.
  • A regular classroom job is “Recycling/Trash Monitor” and “Lights Monitor” and/or variations of these jobs.
  • Cafeteria staff transports the food from the “Fresh Fruits and Vegetables” healthy snack program in reusable cloth bags instead of plastic ones.
  • At our annual Day of the Child celebration a “green project” booth has been featured for the past five years.  A popular project has been making notepads from odd sized paper (donated by the district’s print shop) and cereal box covers.
  •  This year 5th graders began a waste-free school newspaper that is posted on a bulletin board for all to read instead of printed on individual sheets of paper.
  • A volunteer group of students regularly picks up trash on the playground during their lunchtime.
  •  The garden clean up event we began a few years back is now an annual event hosted by PTO.
  •  The 6th annual Reuse It contest celebrates green creativity by asking students, “How Green Can You Be?”  We challenge them to come up with artistic or useful creations made from reused objects.  Projects are displayed in the library and judged by the teacher green team.  Winners are invited to a special workshop where they create a winning trophy or frame for their award certificate–all from reusable materials.  This year we had 75 entries, one of which was a family project!

Our motto reflects our vision:  “Vose is alive with Green School vibes!”

Green 6/1/06

Merit 5/15/09

Premier 5/17/12-5/17/15