The Slow Way Home

backpack-1149461_1920The Slow Way Home is a documentary film about walking and biking to school in Japan and in one Oregon city. The film aired on Oregon PBS Plus on Sunday May 8 at 9pm. The documentary discusses how the way children travel to school structures daily life for families around the world—and it differs dramatically.
In Japan 98 percent of children walk to school every day, unaccompanied by a parent. In the United States just 13 percent of children walk or bike to school, and most are driven to school by a parent. The Slow Way Home explores this divergence, examining how American families have largely given up on keeping our streets and public spaces safe enough for children, while Japanese communities have mobilized to keep their streets safe and walkable, not only for children but for everyone in society.

Seen through both a historical and contemporary framing, The Slow Way Home is an uplifting examination of differences in culture that provides both insight into a distressing trend in American society and simultaneously offers hope for change.

A link to the documentary website is here.