Support Oregon Green Schools through BottleDrop!

Bottle BILLDid you know recycling can help support Oregon Green Schools? If you take your bottles and cans to an area BottleDrop, you can donate your redemption earnings to OGS.

If you already have an account set up at your local BottleDrop location, transferring your redemptions to OGS is easy!

Simply visit the BottleDrop Center webpage to create your online account- you’ll need your BottleDrop account number, email address, your BottleDrop PIN number, and the answers to your security questions created when you set up your account in store to create your online account. Once completed, you can visit the Oregon Green Schools Fundraising Page on the BottleDrop websitelogin, and select to transfer any amount of your redemptions to date to OGS’s account.

If you don’t have a BottleDrop account, you can set up an account at any of the BottleDrop locations and then follow the steps above to donate your redemptions to OGS.

Proceeds from your redemptions help support OGS activities!