Spencer Butte Middle, Eugene

Green 2008

Merit 2009

Premier 12/3/10-12/3/13


Our school composts food from lunches every day.  We frequently have a student or volunteer down in the cafeteria with a megaphone suggesting that students compost their food scraps.  The office staff composts all their food waste every day.  Many students have started home gardens, and bring home grown food to school for lunches.

Students from mainstream classes help with recycling daily with the assistance of our special needs class students who are in charge of the program.

Our school has a multitude of signs generated by students promoting green practices.  There is also a spot in the school’s newsletter dedicated to green issues.  An elective option for students in our school is “Green Class,” which focuses on environmental issues.   There is also a “Green Class” Facebook page run by Green Class students.  Our school also has a club that focuses on environmental issues, and holds a monthly movie night to raise awareness.

In our waste audit this year, there was half as much recyclable paper in the garbage than in years past.  Our school is using 3,000 kWh less than last year.   All of the colored construction paper our school buys has between twenty and thirty percent post-consumer content.

Moving Forward:

Our school’s School Improvement Plan (SIP) will incorporate Green lessons into the normal classes. We are planning on serving lettuce grown at our school for lunches. We are also working with the

Better Foods for Schools Coalition to help other schools get higher quality food.