Southridge High, Beaverton

Green level 3/1/2006

Merit level ?

Premier 9/4/2009

Current certification: 12/08/15 – 12/08/2018


Through the work of their Student Government, Southridge High School raised awareness about conservation and recycling with such projects as their Caps Off Campaign, Dim Day, and Earth Day activities. The Caps Off Campaign encouraged students to recycle properly by removing caps from water bottles, as well as rewarded students who used reusable water bottles. The Dim Day project became a school tradition, rewarding classes that remembered to turn off half their lights once a week in an effort to conserve energy. After the work of many students past and present, Southridge had the honor of becoming the first Premiere Level Green School in the Beaverton School District. Southridge High School is currently working to help surrounding feeder schools enter the Green School program. Student Leaders there plan to integrate curricular work and projects into their Green School efforts and continue the foundation laid by students who preceded them. Says one student of the effort put into maintaining Southridge’s Green School status: “It’s a legacy. We’re not going to let it fall on our watch.”