Skyline Elementary, Portland

Green level 8/16/2007

Merit ?

Premier 6/14/2011 – 6/14/2014

Skyline has seen a large change due to our Oregon Green School certification efforts that began in the spring of 2006. In that period of time, efforts from staff, students, and families have led to the development of programs to enhance recycling, waste reduction, energy reduction and water conservation. The most impressive change is the inclusion of sustainability efforts in just about all facets of school; from evening events using sustainable practices, to party packs of dishes for classrooms to help reduce waste even for classroom parties. The following are just a few of the types of changes that Skyline has committed to since our Green School efforts began:

•Reducing the number of bulbs in our hallways and classrooms where possible

•Use of water saving fixtures in bathroom sinks where possible

• Recycling of lunch and classroom food waste to be used for chicken and pig feed

•Reusable trays used in cafeteria

•Reusable silverware used in cafeteria

• Waste reduction efforts reduced to writing in the form of sustainability policy document

• Reduction in waste led to a decrease of 50% of trash containers needed for school

• Ongoing education effort in school newsletter around recycling and sustainability

• Ongoing education effort to help student be empowered to own our sustainability efforts

• Waste audits conducted on regular basis in order to monitor progress and provide feedback to staff and students

In the Spring of 2011, Skyline was the first Portland Public School to install a wind turbine on school grounds. The 90ft, 2.5 kilowatt XZERES 110 turbine was installed by Anderson Electric and funded by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, which also partnered with Portland Public Schools for several solar roof projects. An anemometer and electric meter constantly measure wind speed and electricity output for the students to track and analyze in class projects. The students learned about wind power through presentations and activities on the day the turbine was installed.

The efforts listed above only capture some of the hard work that has occurred since Skyline started as an Oregon Green School. As impressive as many of these accomplishments are, Skyline is continually working to enhance and improve their sustainability practices. Skyline staff, students, and parents have taken ownership over their sustainability efforts so that they may continue to grow and improve.