Sign Up Today to Keep Commencement Gowns Out of the Landfill

As graduation gets closer, it is time to think about what happens after graduation to all the waste specifically graduation gowns. Oregon Green Schools has partnered with an organization called Greener Grads to collect and keep thousands of graduation gowns out of the landfill. Please check in with your Green Team students, Honor Society, Roots and Shoots and PTA/PTO to see if there is anyone who would like to lead the efforts for your school. Our goal is to get every Oregon Green School and every Bend La-Pine High School to be involved in the program.

Once you get administrative support, sign up here to get the program running. Use the collection bins provided to collect gowns after graduation. You can use the attached flyer to get the word out to the students when and where the collection will be and educate with this Greener Grads infographic. Then the gowns will get sent back to Greener Grads (they pay the shipping) and will be available to rent for future ceremonies. No more one-time gown waste, plus this decreases the cost for the gowns.

Let’s get even more great news about what is happening in Oregon through your schools efforts:

Please contact Jackie Wilson or Seth Yon with Greener Grads for additional information. We hope to see you making a change this graduation season.

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