Why Should My School Become an Oregon Green School?


How to Become an Oregon Green School


Saving Little Pieces of Our Earth: Oregon’s Curbside Recycling Journey

Find out where your recyclables go when they leave the curb and how they get turned into new things! If you would like a free copy of this video, please email us or ask your coordinator.


Salvando Pequeños Pedazos de Nuestra Tierra



Gladstone High School (a Premier Level school!) created this great video about their efforts to reduce the use of bottled water:


WHAT is a MRF and How Does it Work?

A Material Recovery Facility  or MRF (sounds like surf) is where they mixed (commingled) recycling is separated.  See how MRFs work by watching this 3 minute animated video.  Keep in mind that while this facility shows glass as being accepted, virtually every community in Oregon prohibits glass in the mixed recycling (it’s typically collected separately). 


The following 5 minute video shows a MRF in action, in Clackamas, Oregon:


Sweet video called “Little Green School” created by Taft Elementary School in Lincoln City