Calculators & School Environmental Assessments

There are a number of calculators and other tools to help you track how well your school is doing in terms of recycling and resource conservation.

Waste Audit Forms

Energy Audit Tool (MS Excel Spreadsheet) One way to help your school determine how much energy is being wasting due to computers, monitors, copy machines and other equipment that are left on at night and on weekends is to do an electronics audit. Using this tool, you simply count how many machines have been left on and enter it into the spreadsheet and it automatically calculates the kWh and money being wasted and what the environmental impacts of this wasted energy add up to.

Paper Use Tracking Tool (MS Excel Spreadsheet) This spreadsheet helps you document how much paper your school is using and can help you to document your success at reducing paper use.

Tools for School Green Teams

The Green Team Sustainability Assessment guide gives your green team a checklist of things to look for in your efforts to green up your school environment.  Related to this thorough checklist is an “Affinity Diagram for Green Teams” which is a list of all of the questions asked in the assessment form.  It provides green teams with a way to document their successes and identify areas for improvement.  “Ideas for School Green Teams” is another lengthy list of projects for your green team to consider undertaking.

The Kids’ Stuff Activity Book is packed with games and activities for elementary to middle school aged kids.