School Lab Cleanouts Available in Portland-Metro Area


Image from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

The DEQ is offering schools free lab clean outs in the spring and Kimberly Taylor of Metro working with them to identify schools in the Portland area to take advantage of the opportunity.

This is a great way to make schools safer for students and teachers and to help protect the environment from potentially harmful chemicals. Many high schools and middle schools across the US have large surpluses of chemicals from the early 1960’s that are potentially dangerous, often unlabeled and unusable, and that desperately need to be disposed of properly!

The clean outs are designed to be non-disruptive of the school day and though a teacher training in dealing with chemicals is offered, participation is not required to take advantage of the free program. You can get a sense of a clean out event by watching DEQ’s Dave Waddel’s short cleanout video clips here:

If your school is interested in conducting a cleanout, please contact Kimberly Taylor of Oregon Metro at 503-797-1671 or