Ride an Electricity Generating Bike at the OGS Summit

UpcycleEcoChargerThe Green Microgym, an Oregon company, has created an electricity generating stationary bike for kids called The UpCycle Eco-charger. Students can use pedal power to generate electricity that either goes back into the building (like solar panels), or powers lights that glow brighter the faster they pedal.

Several local schools have purchased the eco-charger, and Glencoe Elementary in Portland actually was able to crowdfund 2 eco-chargers in 2 days through Donors Choose. Watch the video from Glencoe Elementary.

There will be an UpCycle Eco-charger at the Oregon Green Schools Summit for teachers and students to try out.

Bonus: For each minute your school rides on the Eco-Charger during the Summit, The Green Microgym will take $1 off the price of an Eco-charger for your school. The Single Speed Bike Power Generator model is most appropriate for schools.

Contact the inventor, Adam Boesel for more info and to arrange a time to ride.