Resources Available from Clearing Magazine

Looking for new activities and projects for your classroom? Clearing Magazine has some great resources available!

EcoSTEM Resource Kit
The Captain Planet Foundation offers ecoSTEM® Kits designed to engage students in project-based learning.  Each of the four kits (Earth, Energy, Water, Pollination) contains supplies for 32 students.  Partial funding may be available – see the website for details.
Growing Up Green is a video by Bob Gliner that profiles a unique statewide, hands-on environmental education program in Michigan, the Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative. Through the initiative, rural and urban schools across the state work to increase academic performance by involving students in local efforts to improve the environments they inhabit. This coordinated statewide approach to “place-based education” presents a national model for increasing student engagement by making education more relevant, while also encouraging students to become lifelong stewards of the environment.Learn more here.

How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans Infographic
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This information-rich infographic provides a visual overview of the extensive ocean pollution problem, along with ways individuals can act to prevent further harm.
Download it here.

Sagebrush Ecosystem Curriculum
A formal educational program has been developed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in collaboration with our good friends at Engaging Every Student to help teachers get students thinking critically about the sagebrush ecosystem, and ways to protect it and the diverse species that live there. Learn more here.

Eight great multimedia resources for teaching about climate change. Check them out here.