Coordinators Manual

Green School Coordinator’s Manual

This manual is designed to provide you with information about the Green Schools recognition program and the role and responsibilities of the local Coordinator.

Coordinator’s manual PDF Icon

Sample postcardsWord Icon One is for promoting the GS program and one is a renewal reminder. These are in Word, so you can adapt them for your own use.

Fire safety PDF Icon – helpful information from AOR on where to set up recycling areas and what types of containers are appropriate.

School database Excel icon PDF Icon– Example of Excel data base for keeping track of school information: contact person, address, date certified, etc. Open the pdf version if you don’t have Excel, it will give you an idea of how you can track the information.

School contact letter PDF Icon– Sample letter to a school, promoting the Oregon Green School program.

School start-up survey PDF Icon– Sample survey to help learn more about the school and how you can help them.

Recycling opportunities PDF Icon– Description of a few recycling opportunities for schools.