Recycling 101

Oregon’s precious natural resources make our state an amazing place to live. Help protect these resources by learning about recycling, composting and waste reduction in Oregon with Recycling 101.

Recycling 101’s participants will learn the life cycle of recycled materials, be trained in waste prevention, composting and recycling, study the aspects of commercial and residential recycling and discover how waste prevention positively affects our natural resources. The course has both a 20-hour certificate option, or the ability to take any of eight 3-hour short modules, which make up the full course. All are available online at any time.

R101 was designed in collaboration with the Association of Oregon Recyclers as a resource for those who want to be trained in waste prevention, those who plan to implement recycling programs and anyone who wants to improve recycling in their community.

Recycling 101 is modeled after the successful Master Recycler program. To date, approximately 2,500 Oregonians have completed a course in one of eight communities and have contributed more than 42,000 hours of volunteer outreach on recycling, waste prevention and composting, plus countless hours influencing friends, neighbors, coworkers and supervisors.

Recycling 101 will build upon the Master Recycler program by allowing for all Oregonians—regardless of location—to educate themselves on recycling and waste prevention.