Portland EcoSchools Network Dessert Meetups for K – 5 Parents

The Portland Eco-School Network program, which aims empower parents to introduce or upgrade sustainable practices as a means to enrich the daily experience of their children has a network of parents from around 30 Portland schools that share ideas, experiences, and projects, in person and online.

They are looking for green-minded parents to join the Portland Eco-School Network during the 2015-16 school year. Moms in the Network are hosting four neighborhood “Dessert Meetups” for interested parents who want to learn more about getting involved.

At the Meetup, you will learn about possibilities to be involved during the 2015-16 school year.

Parents in K-5 Portland schools seeking to introduce sustainable practices and raise eco-awareness at school.

Four Dessert Meetups will be held in the homes of Portland Eco-Network moms. If you cannot attend one in your area, you may attend another. Feel free to bring other interested parents. (Click here to view the PDF flyer.)

• North (Jefferson & Roosevelt clusters) – September 28, 7:00PM
• Northeast (Grant & Madison clusters) – September 29, 7:00PM
• Southeast (Franklin & Cleveland clusters) – September 30, 7:00PM
• West (Lincoln & Wilson clusters) – October 1, 7:00PM

To Jeanne Roy, 503-244-0026 or Jeanne@earthleaders.org, and she will send you the name of your host and directions for the Meetup in your area.

Eco-School Network parents share ideas, experiences, and projects (in person and online), and provide mutual support and inspiration. The sponsor of the Eco-School Network is the Center for Earth Leadership.