OGS Spotlight – Nestucca Valley Junior/Senior High School

The Tillamook County Pioneer reported that Nestucca Valley Junior/Senior High School received its Oregon Green School Merit Certification.

The Oregon Green Schools Association, which awarded the status, is dedicated to helping Oregon schools set up and maintain effective, permanent waste reduction and resource efficiency programs that improve school environments and communities, as well as recognizing schools for their efforts and achievements.

Nestucca Valley School Pic

A school’s success and advancement in the program are dependent on the commitment of students, staff, administration, and community involvement and support, according to Sue Owens, Tillamook County Solid Waste Outreach and Education Specialist and regional Oregon Green Schools coordinator. Participating schools can achieve merit and premier schools rating by demonstrating increased levels of sustainability in their schools.

Nestucca Valley Junior/Senior High School is one of three – including Nestucca Valley Elementary School and Neskowin Valley School – Tillamook County schools to achieve Oregon Green Schools status. Owens said that since it became an Oregon Green School in 2014, it has implemented steady improvements, primarily through the efforts of the Environmental Science Class and instructional assistant Will Dillon and former student Molly McKillip.

“I’m really excited to be working with school administrators and students who are so excited about environmental stewardship and making improvements in their school and community,” said Owens. “Their enthusiasm has the potential to make huge long-reaching impacts.”