OGS Board Member Spotlight

This month’s new Board Member Spotlight is on Adam Gorske, Member at Large. Welcome Adam to the Board!

gorskeBorn and raised in the waste industry. My passion for environmental, social, and economic sustainability leads/led me to work in this field.  In my role as Recycling Coordinator for Republic Services in the North Willamette Valley, I help our communities reap the benefits of rethinking their waste stream.

I originally called the Chicagoland area home, where I studied marketing and environmental science at DePaul University. After school I yearned for the West Coast, where winters are mild and summers are bearable. So I did what any Midwesterner would do; packed up my bags and headed west.

When I’m not discussing waste at work, I’m either crafting ideas for the industry myself or talking about it with friends. I also enjoy the great outdoors–snowboarding, hiking, surfing and mountain biking–along with traveling, growing my knowledge and enjoying witty humor.

Let’s talk trash!