New Pathways Coming This Fall for Eco-Schools USA Award

Watersheds, Oceans and Wetlands (WOW) Pathway

Watersheds, Oceans and Wetlands (WOW), focuses on the unique needs and concerns of water outside of the school building. Schools can address any or all of the sub-pathways within WOW to receive recognition when applying for an Eco-Schools USA award.

Now more than ever, it is critical to connect students to water, specifically the important role it plays in human and wildlife health and food systems as well as the role it plays in a community’s recreational activities and economy. Whether students live on or near the coast or call the concrete jungle home, WOW will empower students to be champions, stewards and change makers for the water we all depend on.

Learning about Forests Pathway

National Wildlife Federation is the host organization for Learning about Forests (LEAF) in the United States and will run the U.S. LEAF as a pathway of sustainability under the Eco-Schools USA program. Learning about Forests (LEAF) is a Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) program. In existence since 1999, it is currently in 23 countries across the globe and reaching 550,000 students. LEAF aims to increase knowledge about the key role forests play in sustaining life on our planet through outdoor and classroom learning, and while the focus of the LEAF program is on tree-based ecosystems, the skill and knowledge acquired can be applied to any environment on earth. The program looks at all functions of a forest—ecological, economic, social and cultural.