Lynch Meadows Elementary Clothing Swap

Lynch MeadowsLynch Meadows Elementary, a Metropolitan Family Service (MFS) Community School in Gresham, recently held a school-wide clothing swap to benefit families in the community. The Lynch Meadows event served more than 50 families and Naomi Reichman, organizer and MFS AmeriCorps Member, has some tips to share with other Oregon Green Schools interested in organizing clothing swaps of their own.

•Hold your swap during parent/teacher conferences, that way both parents and children are present
•Let families know that they don’t have to donate to participate, or vice versa
•Start accepting donations a week early
•Sort clothing by girls/boys/women/men- the cafeteria is a great place to lay all the clothes out!
•Ask teachers to bring in grocery bags for families to use for their swap “shopping”
•Let families choose how much and what they need without judgment

For more information of how to plan a community clothing swap check out the step-by-step guide available through The Center for a New American Dream.