Kelso Elementary, Boring

Green ?

Merit 2009

Premier 5/17/2012 – 5/17/2015


Boring, OR. Oregon Trail School District

We are proud to say that we were the first school in our district to become a Green School, then a Merit School and finally a Premier Green School!

Kelso Elementary school’s students, staff and volunteers take pride in our recycling efforts. As a building we recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, pop cans, plastic bags, ink jet cartridges and more. Once a week our Recycle Team of 4th and 5th graders gather the recycling throughout our whole school. This maintains our recycling momentum in our program to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The Oregon Green School program has helped us to reduce our waste. In the fall of 2012, we conducted a waste audit. During the audit, we were disappointed to see that we were using Styrofoam trays to serve breakfast. After the audit, we touched base with stakeholders at our school to find out exactly why we were using these disposable trays. We found out that our kitchen staff had been reduced and that they did not have time to round up our reusable trays that we use for lunch after breakfast for washing. We decided that our class leaders could return the trays to the kitchen for washing. We are proud to say that we will soon eliminate the use of disposable trays at our school!


Some of Kelso’s Green School efforts are:

* Containers for plastic bottle recycling are found throughout the school

* We have two blue containers in each classroom for paper and plastic recycling

* We have collection boxes for plastic bags

* We collect compostable food during lunch to add to our worm bin

* We have containers for 1 sided copy paper use

* Kitchen staff uses big containers for condiments instead of small individual wrappers

* We had an energy Audit district-wide to help with energy reduction for our school

On Earth Day Kelso students help decorate Paper Grocery Bags. We then take them back to Fred Meyers. They put them out on Earth Day with the messages from Students on how to help the environment.

Students get to help plant Fall Flowers in our school garden. They also get to watch birds throughout the school year. Many different kinds of birds come to our bird houses and feeders.

Kelso has worked hard to build sustainable practices into our daily schedules. It has become a part of life here at Kelso. The kids can then take these practices home to incorporate them into their own daily lives.