Join the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s Jump Start Program

SLO County Bicycle CoalitionThe Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) and Amity School District are partnering for the 2014/2015 school year with the BTA’s Walk+Bike Education Jump Start Program.

Participating in Jump Start allows Oregon school districts, Parks and Recreation departments, and other organizations the opportunity to use the BTA’s mobile bike fleet and receive training in their award winning Bicycle Safety Education Program for the entire school year. Apply now for this FREE program and your community may be chosen to be the recipient in the 2015-2016 school year!

Last year, the Jump Start Program was in Redmond where they taught over 700 students Bicycle Safety skills using the Jump Start fleet of bikes and equipment. The year before the Gresham-Barlow School district taught 75 students to ride safely. Other awesome benefits of the Jump Start program are bike helmet fittings for kids, the opportunity to build parent support, and recruiting volunteers.

A new team in Amity has been trained in the use of the BTA’s curriculum, maintenance of the fleet, and safe riding techniques in order to bring bike safety classes to students in Amity.

Why do the Jump Start Program?

Because it is an opportunity to get a fleet of bikes, teach bike safety to lots of interested students, and learn all the basics behind getting funding for maintaining a bike fleet in your district. It’s important that kids learn the necessary safety skills for biking, so that they can become more confident riders. Soon, they’ll want to ride their bikes to school everyday!

This information comes to Oregon Green Schools from Safe Routes to School.