Is your school ready to start a Walking School Bus program?


The Safe Routes to School Walking School Bus page has all the information you need to know as you start exploring the opportunity. Here are the steps needed to get a Walking School Bus started and going:

  • Map the route
  • Determine interest
  • Arrange “meet and greet” event, cultivate trust and get help
  • Modify map, add finalize routes
  • Pre-walk route, mark meeting times and places
  • Promote first walk, post map of routes, times, and route leader contact information
  • Notify school and local law enforcement (invite them to all walks)
  • Host school assembly reminding all of Pedestrian Safety Rules
  • Decide on next walks, frequency, additional routes
  • Have fun!

Some schools also like using these Walking School Bus Rules and Student Behavior Contracts so all understand what is expected.

If you have any questions regarding this program, the resources on the website or would like some help training volunteers, please contact Safe Routes to School.

Via Safe Routes to School