International Walk+Bike to School Day

Register your school today!
International Walk+Bike to School Day is October 8th!

This fall, Bicycle Transportation Alliance is streamlining registration by partnering with Fire Up Your Feet. They will be registering participants exclusively using the Fire Up Your Feet website. Now you will only have to sign up once to participate in both programs: Walk N Bike to School Day and the Fire Up Your Feet Challenge.

Top five reasons to sign up your kid’s school to participate in Walk+Bike to School Day (October 8th) and The Fire Up Your Feet Challenge (the entire month of October):

5) When kids are asked what they love about biking, they say “the wind.” (Kids are awesome.)

4) Walking and biking to school is way more fun because it is social; you get to chat with all sorts of neighbors along the way.

3) You get to order your choice of free goodies: Posters, Stickers, Ribbons, and Temporary Tattoos. (You do not need to pay as long as you stay under the ordering limits for incentives.)

2) 60% of kids don’t get any exercise outside of school. (What?! That’s outrageous!)

1) More kids walking and biking means a better future for ALL of us.

Registering is simple! And once registered you can easily participate in the Fire Up Your Feet Challenge by using the Activity Tracker to track your activity. The Activity Tracker is super fun to use, because it’s actually for ALL activities and not just for walking and biking.

Helpful Hint: Schools can win awards based on percentage participation (percentage based on enrollment), so make sure you sign up to contribute!

Sign up today and walk and bike your way to elementary school glory!

For more information please contact: Sheilagh, Education Director, Bicycle Transportation Alliance,, 503-226-0676 x28