Increase your Recycling Knowledge this Summer with Recycling 101

Registration is open for Recycling 101, an innovative noncredit, online recycling education course. The cost is $75 for individuals and $50 per person for groups of five or more.

Recycling 101, offered by Oregon State University (OSU) Professional and Continuing Education, teaches participants about the life cycle of recyclables, the impact of hazardous waste, how to manage compostables, and how to reduce waste at home and in the workplace.

Featuring high-quality instructional multimedia, the course allows participants to study when their schedule allows.

Recycling 101 is modeled after the successful Master Recycler program found in eight Oregon communities.

What you will learn:
• How curbside recyclables become new products
• How to prepare your recyclables to help support recycling markets
• The legal foundations of the solid waste management industry in Oregon
• How our consumer choices affect the environment
• How to conserve resources and improve recycling at home and at work
• Which areas of individual action have the largest environmental impact
• How to take action and influence others

For more information, including how to register, visit OSU’s Recycling 101 web page.

Recycling 101