Join the Oregon Green Schools Team!

Use the Oregon Green Schools application form to help organize your goals and action plan and document your achievements. If you need help with any part of it, contact your local Green Schools Coordinator.  Another resource is the “Green Team Project Examples” document which is also below.  This document is filled with ideas to help your green team come up with projects that will help you to demonstrate that you are addressing the requirements in the application.

These applications should be accessible for PC and MAC users and should be downloaded (saved) to your computer prior to completing. Once completed, save a copy of the application for your records, and e-mail the completed electronic version and mail a signed hard copy of the signature page to your Green Schools Coordinator.

There are three levels in the Oregon Green Schools program.  The Entry Level is the first level of recognition, and is required before applying to be a Merit school.  Merit schools go beyond the basic level by increasing recycling efforts and by providing assistance to another school. At the highest level of recognition in the Green Schools program, Premier schools complete a community outreach project in addition to maintaining waste reduction activities and efforts established in Green and Merit levels.

All schools must start out at the Entry Level and can advance to the Merit Level the following school year.  Likewise, schools must first be at the Merit Level for a school year before applying to be a Premier Level school.  Certification at all levels is good for three years.