Hollydale Elementary, Gresham

Green ?

Merit ?

Premier 2010

Current certification 4/15/2013 – 4/16/2016

Hollydale Elementary School’s students, staff, and community take pride in their strong resource conservation program!  The school community practices the three “R’s” (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) daily in order to reduce the waste of items in their building.

The school boasts about their comprehensive Recycling Plan which includes every child in the school, kindergarten through 5th grade!  Each grade level has a special job to do in order to do their part in supporting the school’s recycling efforts.  Kindergarten students are responsible for picking up paper scraps in their classrooms, first grade students pick up litter on the school grounds, 2nd graders have the job of cleaning up the paper towel scraps that might get left in the learning areas, 3rd grade students participate in Watt Watchers in which they “ticket” classrooms who leave their lights on without anyone in the class, 4th graders are “Waste Busters,” 5th grade students are in charge of plastic bottles and scraps, and their Hub Classroom is responsible for taking out the blue recycle bins each week.  It takes a whole school to make a strong recycling program work!  Hollydale wants all students, staff, and parents involved in their important work!

The entire school community enjoys the Nature Habitat which includes a pond, raised garden beds, rain garden, a composter, and a rain cistern.  The area is used as a living lab, and 4th and 5th grade students serve as Nature Leaders.  All classes are encouraged to use the habitat area to learn about nature and conservation and also to settle in and read a book or do some writing.

The school’s environmental influence reaches far beyond the school grounds.  Each year Hollydale students participate full-heartedly in Earth Day!  They are proud to have all 430  of their students participate in Earth Day projects and activities each year!  Classes work in the Nature Habitat, clean the grounds, participate in environmental friendly activities such as paper making and “recyclable robot” creations, and plant planters for community residents. Hollydale invites parents to support them in these endeavors and they show up in droves each year!  All students are also involved in educational assemblies during Earth Day week.  Hollydale wants to give back to the community!

Hollydale continues to be very proud of our role within the district for having a well-rounded and strong resource conservation program!  The administration, staff, and students are constantly aware of our dedication towards waste reduction, energy conservation, and environmental issues.  It has made our students proactive in preserving our natural resources and educated them in how they can impact their future environment.  Our Resource Conservation Committee has set high standards for our students, staff, and school community.  They have risen to the challenge!