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2016-GSA-Stacked-ColorAn Exciting Opportunity to Support Renewable Energy

We are all striving to reduce carbon emissions from our energy consumption. One way to do this is to purchase Green-Energy Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), which are created when electricity is generated from renewable resources. RECs represent the energy produced by clean power sources and are an innovative way of promoting the expansion of renewable electricity generation in the U.S.

In 2014,the Green Schools Alliance worked with Sterling Planet and the US EPA’s Green Power Partnership to bring schools the most affordable way to buy green power by creating the Renewable Energy Consortium for Schools (RECS). Charter Member schools purchased nearly 25 million kWhs of clean energy, collectively reducing their emissions by 17,230 metric tons of CO2 Equivalent – comparable to the equivalent of removing approximately 3,600 cars from the road for a year – all while increasing environmental awareness in their schools and communities.

By aggregating our collective national purchasing power through the consortium, we reduce the price of renewable energy certificates to a figure that we can all afford: the best way to buy RECs is through RECS!

The purchase of RECs helps schools demonstrate our shared commitment to a sustainable, energy-smart future. Purchasing RECs does not affect existing relationships with your utility service provider.

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Together we are taking Big Steps toward Small Footprints.

How It WorksGSA selected Sterling Planet, the nation’s EPA-awarded, leading retail renewable energy provider, to supply renewable energy certificates to consortium members that convey the attributes and benefits of renewable electricity at a low rate. What You Should KnowThe larger the group, the better the price. There is no minimum purchase to join the consortium, and you will have an opportunity to review the offer before purchase. Sterling Planet also provides support services, such as curriculum add-ons and communications materials.       Benefits

  • Cost savings through demand aggregation
  • Flexible purchasing structure
  • Visible opportunities for environmental stewardship
  • Educational and curriculum enrichment
  • Local action with national reach and publicity

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