Green Apple Day of Community Service

The Green Apple Day of Service gives communities the opportunity to transform all schools into healthy, safe, and productive learning environments through service projects, education, community events and more.


Created by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Center for Green Schools (, the international day of service is on Saturday September 26, 2015, but events can be held any day to suit the schedule of the work team and school.

WHO can be involved? 

Any K-12 school! Projects can be initiated by teachers, parents, staff or other volunteers but must be approved by the school administration.  This service day is supported by school districts, local construction professionals, architects, designers, parents, students and other school champions.

HOW do I get my school involved this year? 

Go to to learn more, get ideas for projects, and register your project (note that you must designate a coordinator to register.) For additional help and information, contact the Portland Green Schools Committee by emailing Katia Jesson. The Green Schools Committee can also provide coordination support and help to match schools with building design and construction industry volunteers. Remember to leave plenty of time to plan and organize your project!


Day of Service