Great Opportunity for Malheur, Baker, and Harney County Teachers!


STEM Oregon is offering teachers of 7-10th Grade Math teachers in Malheur, Baker, and Harney Counties the opportunity to participate in “Math with Drones”

What is it?

* The goal is to create 6-8 math lessons developed around the use of drones.

*Teachers will participate in 6 professional development days during the 2016-2017 year.

*Workforce and industry will provide relevant “real-life” problems for the lesson plans.

Who can participate?

*Current 7th-10th grade Math and CTE teachers in Malheur, Baker, and Harney Counties.

*Limited to first 35 teachers, we will start an alternate list for anything past that.

What am I committing to?

*Attending 6 professional development days:  July 18-21st, October 7th and April 7th (County PD)

*You must create 6-8 lesson plans utilizing drones, based on 7th-10th grade Math standards.

*Instructors need to then refine those lessons, and submit using the given format.

*Working with a math instructional coach on the lesson development and implementation.

What do you get?

*Each teacher will receive their own drone for classroom use, permanently, you keep it.

*Each teacher will receive a $1,200 stipend for the four days in July.

*Mileage will be paid for participants, hotels and per diem if necessary.

Please email Allison Nunez at  to sign up.