Gladstone High, Gladstone

Green 2010

Merit 2011

Premier 8/28/12 – 8/28/2015



Gladstone High School’s environmental sustainability movement is powered by several motivated and talented students, staff and administrators.  For years, students have accomplished project after project that continue to shift the way of thinking of the school community.  Eventually, through their consistent, dedicated efforts, they brought the entire school community on board including the school and district administrators, school board members and community members.  We have even helped our other district schools establish programs of their own. Now, sustainability is a key tenant to the district’s philosophy.  It shows in the efforts to develop sustainability curriculum offered in their schools (including engineering courses on renewable energy and classes on environmental leadership), the policies around sustainability that have been passed on a district and school level and in the renovation of Gladstone High School that will be LEED certified.  In addition, Gladstone Schools have installed over 300 kW of solar arrays on the rooftops.  All of this was spurred by the grassroots movement created by students over the past few years of being an Oregon Green School.

Gladstone High School students have greatly reduced waste and increased recycling, established a food waste composting system, began a school garden, created a rainwater harvesting system to water the garden, participated in green building on campus, instituted a “No Idling policy” in the parking lot and much, much more.  Recently, the Green School Club campaigned for and managed to succeed in the banning of the sale of disposable plastic water bottles.  They provide affordable reusable water bottles for students and made refilling water bottles simple and fun through the installation of water bottle filling stations.  Students have worked with the kitchen staff recently to eliminate the usage of paper plates with lunch service and to bring in more farm fresh, local fruits and vegetables, as well as serving food from our very own campus garden.

Gladstone High School was recently recognized as a Green Ribbon recipient by the United States Department of Education which was awarded to a small number of schools across the nation.  Additionally, we were given a Pillar Award by the Oregon Sustainable Schools Initiative for our work supporting healthy, safe students.