Garden Summer Camp 2015 – Portland

The Green Schoolhouse is continuing its partnership with local community garden, Learning Gardens

Image Credit: The Green Schoolhouse

Image Credit: The Green Schoolhouse

Laboratory, in Southeast Portland to host nine weekly garden-based summer camps from June 15th to August 21st.

Each camp will run Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. In previous years many families valued a 3-day camp experience and they are happy to accommodate a Tuesday through Thursday week as well, please contact Lauren at to discuss the details.

Camps feature two amazing instructors, a team of volunteers, and garden education interns for each group. These teachers will engage with children ages 4 to 10-years-old in developmentally-appropriate groups, and lead them on amazing adventures of the tiniest bug to the grandest sunflower.

Each day will be filled with planting, cooking, songs, games, woodworking, painting, and so much more. They will provide plenty of tastes fresh from the garden and ask that you pack your child’s lunch and two snacks for the morning and afternoon.

The Green Schoolhouse exists to provide both education and fun in a garden environment to enhance the community between children and nature so that the legacy of stewardship may live on for many generations to come.


June 15th – July 19th: Magic in the Garden 1st Session –The garden is a magical kingdom that holds the power to nourish and heal. During the week children will concoct delicious draughts, soothing serums, and smelly solutions.

June 22nd – June 26th: Love Bugs- A garden isn’t just about the plants, there’s a story of adventure found in the wilds of tomatoes and the forests of broccoli; villainous aphids and slugs, mysterious butterflies, and the heroic ladybugs will let their odysseys unfold right before your very eyes

July 6th – July 10th: Food to Grow; Food to Eat- Children will be invited to participate in creating a garden space at the Green Schoolhouse as well as bring seeds home to start a garden of their own. As we begin to plant, we also must harvest and eat! From the Little Red Hen to Stone Soup, we will prepare food with stories to share with each other and home communities.

July 13th-17th: Birds of a Feather- It is more than just the butterflies and bees who take flight between the flowers, there’s an entire feathered world that helps to make a garden grow.  From the chickens people keep to the predatory hawks, to the seeds the birds eat (and poop) there is an incredible cycle created by our winged friends.  This week children will have the opportunity to see this cycle in action and relish the beauty of birds throughout the garden.

July 20th-24: Magic in the Garden 2nd Session- The garden is a magical kingdom that holds the power to nourish and heal. During the week children will concoct delicious draughts, soothing serums, and smelly solutions.

July 27th-31st: Growing a Garden- Back by popular request, children spend the week enjoying the last week of July and the beginning of the most bountiful part of summer! We will harvest and eat and begin planting for the second part of summer, both for the garden and for children to take and share with their home communities.

August 3rd-7th: Dirt Don’t Hurt- There isn’t much better than getting your hands in the dirt whether that’s while planting, harvesting, or just making a mud pie.  This installment takes a hands-on approach to understanding the life beneath our feet and why it is so important.  Prepare to get dirty!

August 10th – August 14th: Eat, Plant, Love- Explore the artistic landscape of a garden. From the songs of the birds, to the poetry of the breeze, to the vibrant brush strokes of a rainbow we will explore the creativity of the garden and natural spaces around us through our own expression of art, cooking, and movement.

August 17th – August 21st: Goodnight Garden- Winter is coming and it is time to prepare to say goodnight to our gardens for their long winter sleep. We will preserve food and seeds and take a closer look at the creatures who stay awake and working all winter long (though maybe hidden beneath our feet).

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