Forest Ridge Charter


Forest Ridge HOPE Team

Forest Ridge/Optimum Learning Environments Charter School  is a Roots & Shoots School created by Dr. Jane Goodall. We show care and concern for animals, the environment, and the human community. Under this umbrella, is our goal to achieve Environmental Literacy that results in sustainable practices for all students, their families and the public.  The Naturalist Curriculum is designed for studies of how ecosystems function. The units of study emphasize the interrelationships of water, land, plants and animals and how humans impact them.

Students have authentic purpose to research, write and give presentations to various audiences about their learning. They inform audiences about concerns and what can be done to preserve, conserve or restore natural systems. The studies are also linked to our yearly service-learning projects at Willamette Mission State Park.  The Conservation Ethic curriculum is the backbone of our Oregon Premier Green School focus to educate and promote sustainable lifestyle choices that reduce our carbon footprint and conserve our natural resources.  We offer 16 different Power Point presentations that educate audiences from K – adulthood about a variety of environmental topics. We also offer tours of our ½ acre Naturescape and offer assistance to those interested in creating such. Come visit – we love to share!

Green 8/1/06

Premier 2/17/10-2/17/13