Crescent Valley High, Corvallis

Green 2006, 2011

Merit 2011

Premier 4/5/2013 – 4/5/2016



Crescent Valley became an Oregon Green School in 2006 and a Merit school in 2011. In the spring of 2006, a 2kW solar array was installed on the roof of the science wing. This was completed through the efforts of the physics, engineering, and electronics teachers. Students have run several projects with the panels, and monitored both the electricity generated in the past six years (105,120 kWh) and the amount of carbon prevented from entering the atmosphere (about 115,632 pounds).

We have active recycling and cafeteria composting programs that help divert over 800 gallons of trash and 20 gallons of food waste from the landfill each week. All common areas have signs reminding students and staff to turn off lights and when not in use. With funding and support from community partners, the CV Arboretum was planted in the spring of 2011. The arboretum trees will preserve the quality of water in Jackson Creek as it runs through campus by preventing erosion along the banks, and will reduce the carbon footprint of the campus over time by sequestering carbon.

All students in AP Environmental Science complete a year-long sustainability project. Project topics have included helping other local schools become OGS certified (so far, five schools become certified), giving presentations to elementary and middle school students on environmental issues (based on teacher request), planting native species and removing invasives (on campus and elsewhere in the community), and participating in Corvallis Sustainability Coalition Action Team projects. All student work can be found on the class website.

One of the biggest achievements of the APES projects was to initiate and develop a plan to have “No Idling” signs installed at all Corvallis School District sites. This was a project that was started in the fall of the 2007-2008 school  year, and by the start of the 2008-2009 school year, every district building had a sign in place!

The Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) club is very active, with over 50 members. The club conducts regular “Trash Bash” events, manages a carpooling program, and is working to raise money to install filtered water fountains that can be used to refill water bottles. The SEA club members also participate in various community conservation and sustainability events. An incentive for students to participate is that they may earn a green cord to wear at graduation (similar to the NHS gold honor cord) if they have completed enough environmentally-related service activities. Students proudly wear their green cords as they walk across the stage.

Our culminating environmental activity each year is the Earth Fair, which is organized by APES and SEA club students, and is held at the end of May in the quad. It showcases student work and brings in local businesses and organizations that share similar goals. The Fair includes table presentations, music, recycled art, a Second-Hand Fashion Show, food, and other activities. It is a celebration of the Earth and the efforts done in that year to promote sustainable practices on campus and in the community.