Chapman Hill Elementary, Salem

Green ?

Merit ?

Premier 2009

Current Certification 11/1/2012 – 11/1/2015

Chapman Hill is a busy place, a busy green school place. As a building we recycle all paper, cardboard, batteries, glass, milk cartons, cans, plastic bags, printer cartridges, and much more. Students use vermicomposting practices to reduce solid waste. We are fortunate to have two large composters and an organic garden that will handle the overload of food waste. Our building is actively involved in the Watt Watcher program where data is collected daily by students. Each week as part of our morning announcements Watt Watchers are recognized for their effort.

We collect the pull tabs off of cans and merge our collection with Harritt Elementary School. The pull tabs are donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

Each week an earth tip announcement is made that reminds us to make a positive environmental impact within our building.

This year our Roots and Shoots Organization presented a play entitled, “Sniff It Out.” The students wrote the script, designed their costumes, and built the props for the production.

The students presented at the Oregon School School Summit, to their peers and to the community.

Premier school status expands into our community. Our school monitors the local creek for water quality and submits data to the City of Salem.

through the Adopt-A-Stream Program. We are involved with the neighborhood Data Walk program where students gather information and inform the surrounding neighborhoods of any potential hazards that may contaminate our stream.

Erase the Waste is a partnership with the City. We have a city park located above Chapman Hill. Students and staff have informational materials and a dog treat that is given to dog owners reminding them to clean up after their pet. We are always greeted with smiles and a thank you.

In April our students decorate grocery bags with environmental tips. On Earth Day our local grocery store will package purchases in the decorative bags. We submit a sampling of our project to where our environmental messages are read on the internet.

We are a success due to the extraordinary efforts of our students, staff and community members as we continue to strive towards making our planet the greenest.