2017 Green School Summit


Sponsor or Volunteer for the Summit

Our annual summit wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors and volunteers. By donating funds or your time, you can help make our annual Summit a great experience for 100s of students from around Oregon!

If you would like more information about sponsoring or volunteering at the 2017 OGS Summit please contact Amy Roth, Oregon Green Schools Program Coordinator.



 About the 2017 Summit

The 21st annual Summit of certified Oregon Green Schools will return to the Western Mennonite School on Friday April 14, 20179045 Wallace Road Northwest, Salem, OR 97304.

The Summit is an opportunity for students from across the state to convene for a day of celebration, learning and networking. At the summit, we strive to celebrate the accomplishments of each school and to provide opportunities to strengthen programs.

Students will attend educational sessions that represent each section of the Oregon Green Schools application: waste reduction and recycling, water conservation, and energy conservation. Students will also attend a session where they can share the story of the green school program at their school and learn from other schools.

Schools with active Oregon Green Schools certification are invited to bring up to 5 students and 1 chaperon. Costs for a classroom substitute teacher and travel expenses are generally covered by each school’s garbage/recycling hauler, but in instances where haulers cannot pay, OGSA will cover costs from alternative sources.

Summit Details:

  • WHO: Certified Oregon Green Schools (elementary – high school) may bring up to 5 students and one chaperon to attend the Summit.
  • HOW MUCH: Attendance at the event is FREE. Due to generous support from solid waste & recycling haulers across the state, sponsorships are available to reimburse schools for the cost of a substitute teacher and travel expenses.
  • WHAT TO EAT: Continental breakfast provided, but students must bring their own WASTE-FREE LUNCHES from home, and refillable water bottles and practice “Pack-it-in, Pack-it-out”.
  • BRING A DISPLAY: Tabletop displays (up to 3 feet wide) from all schools will be spotlighted in the exhibit area and presented to other schools by students during the “School Spotlight Session.”  Don’t be shy – brag about what makes YOU a Green School!
  • QUESTIONS? For questions about the summit, contact Amy Roth at mail@oregongreenschools.org and please direct questions about shared transportation arrangements to your OGS regional coordinator.

Summit Session Descriptions:

Elementary and Middle School Students will attend 3 session related to waste, energy, and water in addition to the Summit Spotlight. Sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis when registering, and we do our best to accommodate schools’ first choices.

Elementary/Middle School Sessions: 

Waste and Recycling Sessions:

  • Waste Audit (both elementary and middle schools): Students will do a small waste audit and learn how to use the results to make a difference!
  • FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS ONLY: Lifecycle of Ketchup: students will learn about all the resources that go into making ketchup and other products, and examine why it’s important to prevent food waste.
  • FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY: Lifecycle of a T-Shirt: students will learn the upstream and downstream impacts of “cheap” fashion.

Water Sessions:

  • Water Audit: Students will discover ways to conserve water at their school by conducting a water audit at the Western Mennonite School.
  • An Incredible Journey: What goes up, must come down, but not round and round. Our water cycle isn’t cyclical but multi-faceted and students will get to tag along with rain drops on this incredible journey through our water cycle. With a roll of the dice, students will explore multiple phases of the water cycle, each experiencing a unique path along the way. Students wrap up the session with a narrative of their journey.

Energy Sessions:

  • Energy Audit: Students will conduct small scale energy audit onsite at the Western Mennonite School.
  • Path to Net Zero: students will learn about energy conservation and alternative energy sources including a home audit and kit that the kids can take home

High School Sessions: 

High School Students will embark on a series of tours around the Salem area. Bus will depart Western Mennonite at 9:30am

  • Students will first tour the Salem Smart Power Center – the hub of one of the most advanced electrical systems in the country
  • Students will then tour Garten Services to see recycling in reuse in action.
  • The third tour will take students to NW Hub, a nonprofit full service bicycle shop, who through recycling, reclamation, training and redistribution provides affordable services and sales to the general public and free bicycles, locks, parts, repair training and vocational rehabilitation to adults and at-risk youth.
  • Students will eat lunch on the bus, and return to Western Mennonite for their last session, a Screen Print Reuse Activity.