Adams Elementary, Eugene

Green 2006

Merit 2009

Premier 5/1/2012 – 5/1/2015

Adams Elementary School

Since becoming a Green School in the winter of 2006, Adams Elementary has made great leaps forward into a green/sustainable future. We have been a Merit Level school since Fall of 2009 and have now received Premier status.

We at Adams are proud of the work we have done and the creative ways we are finding to continue growing as a green school in the areas of garbage reduction, recycling, energy and water.

Garbage and Recycling Adams students and staff recycle and compost in the classroom and cafeteria. Each classroom, as well as the staff room, has a small bowl for composting classroom food waste, which is then put into the cafeteria compost bucket, keeping our trash to a minimum. Our cafeteria also provides washable trays, cups and utensils. As a building we recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic bags, and printer cartridges. We also boast reusable party packs for classrooms, cloth napkins and clean cloth hand towels for hand washing in some classrooms. Energy: Adams was fortunate to win a grant, which provided solar panels for our building. We are the first school in the Eugene 4j school district to achieve this. The grant also provided for an educational kiosk, which reports data on the energy generated by these panels and solar hot water heaters. Water: Adams Elementary has a relationship with the Environmental Leadership Program at the University of Oregon. UO students taught a series of lessons about energy to classes K-5 during the spring of 2011. In the spring of 2012, UO students will work with Adams students to install a native plants garden. The curriculum for these projects is developed and implemented by the UO students. Adams also has a school garden that was started and managed by parents.

We at Adams are constantly on the watch for new, improved green school practices. Becoming a Green School has not been a destination so much as a journey.