$500 for Participating in the Litter Less Campaign

Is your school interested in participating in the Wrigley’s Litter Less Campaign and receiving $500 in seed grant funding to jumpstart a recycling and waste reduction campaign at your school?

If so, visit http://www.eco-schools-litterless.org/register-school.html to submit your application form by October 9th!

The Campaign is run by the International Foundation for Environmental Education’s Eco-Schools with the support of the Wrigley Company Foundation and is coordinated in the U.S. by the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA program. The “Litter Less Campaign,” helps your school engage in recycling and waste reduction efforts through the implementation of Eco-Schools USA‘s Consumption and Waste Pathway and the seven-step framework of the Eco-Schools program during the school year.

For each of the seven steps you will need to document your actions and record your progress through photos or video and written text.  You will then be required to upload this documentation to the international Wrigley’s Litter Less Campaign website http://www.eco-schools-litterless.org– once at the beginning of the campaign and once at the end.  For the final step, you must log your recycling and waste reduction metrics on your school’s Eco-Schools USA profile page, and then apply for your award!

Schools all over the globe are participating in this project and uploading their information to the Wrigley’s website, so you will be able to communicate, share information, successes and challenges with Eco-Schools in other countries.

Contact Courtney Sullivan (206.577.7175) with any questions.

Litter Less Campaign